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About Us

A Water Life is a Peruvian surf agency created by former WSL World Champion Sofia Mulanovich. We arrange the best surf retreats and experiences for travelers who seek to enjoy the shores of Peru. Our country is a mystical magical one, it is a beautifully exotic destination and one of the most consistent surfing grounds in the world.

We have a huge variety of waves throughout the coast that break all year round. If you are looking to come surfing in Peru, whether you are a complete beginner or seasoned surfer, there is a wave awaiting that is just perfect for you.

Sofia Mulanovich

Sofia comes from a family of surfing royalty in Peru, she is a central figure in the local surfing culture and a very loved one.  Her WSL World Title brought a surfing revolution to the country popularizing the sport to levels never seen before. She inspired a generation and was considered a heroine in a country that embraced her titles as their own.


Retreats & Experiences for all ages

Our surf retreats are carefully designed to create a blissful experience through surfing. They are a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from a former WSL World Champion and experience the best Peruvian waves with her. Sofia and her world-class team have a very hands-on approach to surfing, they will coach you in and out of the water so you can make the best out of your time in the water, whether you are a seasoned surfer or a complete beginner.

From Sofia

Hello, my name is Sofia Mulanovich, I am a former professional ASP World Champion; born and raised in Peru.I have been connected to the ocean from a really young age, surfing is a tradition in my family, we all surf, and share this deep love and respect for the Ocean, and for the wonderful sport of Surfing.  I competed in the World Surfing Tour for over a decade, and was able to achieve my dream of being Crowned the First South American World champion in 2004. I have had an awesome career with more than 8 years rank in the top 5 of the world, including two runner-up titles.

Surfing has given me everything, and every lesson ever learn has taken me to this place and time of gratitude where I will love to share this amazing path with you. My team and I have build a beautifully experience through this surfing retreats and experiences , “A water Life” awaits for you.

We are experts on group travel adventures and our trips are filled with great vibes, aimed at people who love waves and the surfing lifestyle.

Experiences is what makes us rich in life, and we are determined to make this the best experience of all.


The Surf Report

Keep up to date with what Sofia is getting up to.